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Feb 17, 2023

Experience the power of Influencer Marketing with Kannaway's simple and effective approach. Using our straightforward strategy, anyone can become an Influencer and join the movement. Say goodbye to confusing Network Marketing Jargon and join us in revolutionizing the industry.

Kannaway has cracked the code, bringing Network and Influencer Marketing together. Our unique approach blends Influencer Marketing with the residual income opportunities of Network Marketing for a winning formula. The result is a hybrid system paying a whopping 30% Revenue Share on deeply discounted Influencer Packs, as well as ongoing Residual Income!

That's right, we'll directly share a portion of the total sales revenue with you - no hidden catches or conditions. Once your customer, always your customer - you'll continue to earn residual income as long as they keep purchasing any of Kannaway's products.* And, there's more! Invite other Influencers to join and receive residual income from their sales too. Align yourself with Kannaway today and watch your income grow.

*Amount of residual income varies depending on specific items purchased, total monthly sales volume, and other factors.


Leveraging your influence is simple

To become an Influencer, purchase a CBD Box, Hemp Box, Timeless Box or Java Box ($99.95) and an Enrollment Fee ($54.95). Contents vary by market.

Once you receive your Influencer Box, share yourself opening it and using the products. You can share via social media, texting, email, blogs, etc.

As an Influencer, you receive your own replicated website. Customers who purchase through your page become YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.

Receive a 30% revenue share for every CBD Box, Hemp Box, Timeless or Java Box sold. You also receive recurring commissions on any reorders or SmartShip orders.

Kannaway Influencer Boxes

Contents may vary by market

CBD Box (USA) $99.95

  • 1 x CBD Gummies
  • 1 x Pure CBD Gel Capsules
  • 1 x Salve

Hemp Box (USA) $99.95

  • 1 x DELTΔ 8 Gummies
  • 1 x HHC Gummies
  • 1 x Salve
*Contact customer service for
availability. +1 (858) 500-3144

Timeless Box (USA) $99.95

  • 2 x Muscadine Seed Oil (2oz)
  • 1 x Muscadine Capsules

Java Box (USA) $99.95

  • 2 x Java Boost

Where can you find Influencers?

Everywhere! An Influencer is anyone who holds sway over a large, medium, or even a small following. You could be an Influencer yourself!

  • Social Media Personalities
  • Podcasters
  • Trainers, Speakers, Advocates
  • Pastors
  • Community Leaders
  • Bowling Club Presidents
  • Grandmas and Grandpas
  • The list goes on!
To unleash your earning potential with Kannaway's influencer program, contact the individual who shared this information with you to begin. Simply enroll, order your influencer box, and start earning with Kannaway!
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